Sunday, November 18, 2007


The above is one of my colored pencils drawing. This is now hanging in my office and it's funny because I had a visitor once, noticed the signature and then said, "you did this? Did you paint by numbers?" lol I politely and jokingly said, "no, i can color within the lines, you know" he he he


kneeko said...

i like this one... i never tried yet to paint fruity things... hmmm i will try someday :P

Mari said...

Nance, this is one of your best paintings. I love it.

At my art class before, someone peeked in and asked if we paint by numbers. LOL

Dennis said...

wow, very nice still life! you have talent man. i also like your head of christ. thanks for sharing!

Nance said...

kneeko, try it, u might like it. :)
how's that choir going?
few more days ... and counting!?

mari, dudette, that's funnier yet! imagine being asked that sort of question in an art class?

dennis, glad u like my paintings, boy I should post more then! lol ... hope u don't get bored seeing them.

ghee said...



Nance said...

thanks, ghee! have a nice day!

nini said...

nance, sorry, i just found this at kneeko's site!

love the fruits! you really have D talent to paint. and thanks to a resident master artist:-)


Nance said...

nini, no problem.
thanks for the compliments. i haven't painted for a while ... so much to do for so little time!

Pepe said...

I love this one Nance....! Actually i love using colored pencils too because they are very easy to control....! I made one fruity-art ( slices of tropical fruits ) with colored pencils some 3 years ago and it's also hanging now in my bedroom wall in a nice frame.... =D

Nance said...

oh, pepe, here you are! lol i thought i was losing it :) i was looking for your comment at my other post (treasures within our walls)
I agree with u on colored pencils, easy to control and hardly any mess at all! no paintbrushes to clean either ... although my hubby always wash them 4 me (doesn't trust me) but i was trying hard to do a sloppy job just so, you know ... lol!

JMom said...

oh wow, you're an artist too!! That is amazing. YOU'RE amazing :)

Me, I don't have an artistic bone in my body that's why I married an artist. lol!

Nance said...

thanks, jmom ... it's just a hobby for now.
i would love to see a sample of your hubby's art works.

JMom said...

Hi Nance, you can see some of his work on his website:

He and my daughter are still working on the website, but they've put up a few samples on there already.

Nance said...

wow and WOW!!! your hubby is very talented! ... and famous it seems.
and i love those antiques. my hubby and i used to go to antique stores and auctions a lot, but then our house is getting so packed... we have to stop collecting.
thanks for showing me your hubby's works, jmom! :)