Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Family Over the Years


Mari said...

Good job, Nance. Great family. Was it that long already? WOW.

Nance said...

i can't believe it myself, mari! 25 yrs of wedded bliss! lol

palma tayona said...

if there's one thing that blogging has brought out, it's giving glimpses into the lives of real people from all over and makes this big, wide, diverse world, smaller by the day.

thank you for having us (your blog friends) take a peek into your life.

here's to 25 more years!

Nance said...

... and i agree. i made quite a lot of nice friends online, a few of whom I've met face to face.

... my pleasure! and thanks too for your good wishes. 25 more years will make me ... ahhh! those are just numbers, right? :)

JMom said...

Hi nance, thanks for visiting my blog. What a coincidence! You and I are both married to artists :) Your husband is truly talented.

I'd be glad to exchange links with you. I will add you to my Pinays blogroll.

Nance said...

welcome to my blog! so we have something in common then! lol
what kind of artist is your husband?
i would love to see samples of his works.
thanks for your visit and please come again as i do the same!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nice video.....old memories
are the best....

thanks for sharing