Saturday, March 29, 2008

Women's History Month

Last week our VAMC celebrated the Women's History Month. The theme was Women's Art, Women's Vision. It showcased women's employees' and women's veterans talents. I was asked by the program manager to display some of my artwork. Not so many employees knew that I paint so they were surprised to see my paintings. I also feel the same way about the other employees who contributed to the exhibit. I didn't know there are many talented employees who were into art. The above photo is a display from one of our physicians. She likes to do various craft items.

This next one displays her gourd-decorating. She painted various shapes of gourds and turned them into something. There were at least 13 participants who exhibited water color, woven rugs, quilts, color and black-and-white photography, handcrafted cards, ink drawings, hooked rugs, flower arrangements, poem writing, etc.

... and tadaaa! me and one of my paintings! This was taken by our Public Relations Officer. He is a really nice guy and a friend of mine. He let me use his expensive camera during our VA's 75th Anniversary Celebration last February (which I should be posting too) and I took pictures of the celebration ... I really had fun with his camera! I got to experience the life of a reporter, going around with a camera around their neck. When I get rich, I'll get one of those! he he he
Dan, thank you for the experience! ... say something if you read this. :)


Pepe said...

Galeng naman ng idea na yan Nance, kelan kaya kami magkakarun ng ganyan dito....? If not in the workplace, i wish the filipino comunity in australia perhaps will also think of exposing our new artistic filipino talents one day para naman makapag-share din ako he-he....! Madami yata akong mga tagong yaman dito, alam mo yan di ba....? =D

Nance said...

'top of the morning to you, pepe!
i know you're busy right now to start one ... pero maganda talaga pag may mag-organize, baka may maka-discover ng isang yaman mo, sculpture! :)

Mari said...

Those were hidden talents your friends and officemates were keeping from the public. they are there for everyone to see. Good for them; that was a good time for everyone to see what talent has been hiding behind those faces.

Thanks a bunch for showing us some art pieces.

kneeko said...

tadan tadaannn... woowww congrats hehe...

i'm back na po... but no update yet...

sisimulan namin ni pepe dito sa australia mag-exhibit hehehe

dumaan nga ako sa isang gallery, royal art society of new south wales baka magpa-member ako para maraming contact..