Monday, June 16, 2008

Garden Tour

To raise awareness about breast cancer, I am participating in a virtual garden tour hosted by deena
Deena was diagnosed with breast cancer last October of 2007. Please visit her blog to learn more of the garden tour participants. I am posting my garden in my Art blog, because deena is an artist like myself.

Seven sisters roses, (right) they are called that because there are usually 7 blooms in one stem.

My canterbury bells getting ready to bloom. I started these from seeds.

Jacobs ladder ... they are done blooming for this year. :(

Pictures of last year's dahlias.

The Breast Cancer Site
Please click this icon to give FREE mammogram to low income women. Mammograms will be paid by sponsors.


SweetAnnee said...

I clicked to make your pictures larger..Oh my goodness you have
beautiful blooms!!

I click to fund mammograms too
I have at every garden!!
smiles, deena

Anonymous said...

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Mari said...

Wow, you really work hard on your garden. (Care to do mine? LOL) You must have flowers every where.

Will click the link.

Jann said...

Beautiful flowers! Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos! ~Jann

Lynn said...

That was a good tip to enlarge the pictures. I love the pink rose climbing up in front of the window. Very gorgeous! Thank you for the garden tour.


Judy's Vintage Collections said...

The dahlias were so pretty my mother always planted them in her flower beds...I too have planted them and love those flowers...thanks for sharing such a lovely pictures.
from the heart of Texas!