Friday, December 28, 2007

2nd stop ... figure/portrait painting

Pride of the Gods - Human Figure

With the above painting, please realize that the artist (my husband) is a figure/portrait painter. He is applying his skills to canvas in pursuit of beauty. As an artist, there is no reason that a figure cannot be considered a portrait as well. Observe, please, Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel nudes, Rembrandt, Boucher, Ingres, Renoir, as well as the classical Greek sculptures, which adorn the halls of the world's great museums. Please enjoy these paintings for their beauty of form, as well.


Mari said...

Nance, this is just beautiful. It truly is a study of the human figure. You mentioned the paintings of the masters, there, however, are other figures done in the one of David.

Nance said...

that is an excellent example, mari, David of Michelangelo. I have an Italian officemate who raves on how magnificent this work of art is! wish i have a chance to go see it someday... venus de milo is another great nude sculpture.

Pepe said...

Happy new year Nance....! Wow, a family of artists....! Ang galing naman, hey speaking of sculptures, i know how to sketch and paint but when i was in college i had a six months lesson in scuplture too pero hindi ko na na-practice.... I remember my work nun na bunch of alimango (crabs) on banana leaves na kasinglaki ng center table sa living room and is made of yung kahoy dun sa mga lumang railways dun sa pinas ay na-sold ko for 14k after ng training ha-ha....! I wish i could do those things again in the future Nance and Mari.... I think it's even more fun than anything else and scupture....! =D

Nini said...

nance, just beautiful. your husband is truly a great artist.

it is such an honor for me to see his works online.


Nance said...

Pepz - Happy 2008 to you too!

wow, that must have been a very interesting sculpture to sell for that much! did you keep a pic of it?
... do it again! lol

Nance said...

nini, that's quite a compliment! thank you.

wish he will start painting again, though.