Saturday, December 15, 2007

Studio Tour ... 1st stop, Princess Diana

Having a full time job limits my artistic development. I wish I had more time to polish my painting skills ... but ... maybe someday.

Having said that, since I don't have a lot of paintings to show yet, it is my pleasure to feature a few of my husband's artworks in my blog.
The above is a STUDY of Diana, Princess of Wales. The finished painting was 3' x 4' done in oil on canvas. It was sold to a gentleman. We recently heard from his daughter saying that the painting was stolen and is under investigation. It is unfortunate that the photos of the painting that my hubby took before it was sold did not come out clear. The above painting was when Princess Di was in her 20's, the gown she was wearing was her first outing with Prince Charles after their engagement was announced to the public.

Stay tuned ... more to come!


Mari said...

Stolen! My goodness. I just hope they find the culprit and put him in the gallows. LOL

You know? I take my painting to a well lit place then turn my flash off before taking a picture. You see, the flash creates a bright spot on the surface of the painting and it blurs that spot.

Nance said...

that's what we do too, mari ... but for some reason the skin color did not come out natural, maybe it's the speed or the film ... who knows.

maybe the value of that painting will go up now once it's found! lol

Nini said...

nance, this is beautiful! he sure captured Diana's beauty that briefly graced the world.

I don't know what you ladies are talking about lighting/flash, lol, when i still couldn't figure out the greek in my camera :-)

Pepe said...

I agree with Mari dun sa flash thingy Nance.... And you know na dapat ay wag mong ilagay sa bright areas ang mga artworks mo dahil magpi-fade ito in the long run....! Oo, kaya ang mga paintings ko lalonglalo na ang mga oil ay nasa inner part ng bahay at hindi masyadong bright ang mga lightbulbs na ginagamit ko.... =D