Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talent Show - Opening Act

Last Monday, our son participated in their school's talent show to help raise funds for the winterguard. He belonged to two bands. The video above is one of them; they don't have a name for this band yet. Josh is playing the bass guitar, Andrew on drums, vocal is Joe and lead guitarist is Will, our son; wearing a red "golfing" hat. They did the opening act, and his Funk Uncle band did the closing. They brought down the house! Awwwww!!! I will be posting the Funk Uncle later, when it's uploaded. Hope you'll enjoy this video.


Mari said...

Wow! They rock, Nance. Soon they, esp. Will, will be chased by girls. LOL

ghee said...

yeah!!!arent they cool?and your son plays the lead guitar very well!!

i wish i cud see haru perform alonh with her band members one day!!

i have an award for you,Nance!please come and get it. :)


Blue Rose said...

wow. congrats! your son plays tha lead guitar very well.

REDLAN said...

hataw na hataw ang anak mo ha. congrats!

Dennis Villegas said...

Hey Nance, wow, you've got a talented kid! His group is quite amazing, and I agree they will become a hit! Congrats!

Nance said...

Thanks, Mari!
...and i will be chasing after them! lol

Nance said...

Thanks to you too, dear.
oh i'm sure haru will play for the crowd someday...just give them time and they will deliver! lol

hey, thanks for the award, I'll go pick it up, not sure about the tag though because I'm notorious in doing tags. ;)

Nance said...

Blue Rose,
Thanks! he practice a lot.

salamat din. may times na parang binge na kami sa lakas ng tugtog nya sometimes. he he he

Nance said...

that would be nice if they'll be a hit someday. we are still encouraging our son though to study hard to have something to fall on.

nona said...

Wow, cool!!! Galing ni son, congrats! And of course to proud mama nance, congratulations for having a talented children *wink*