Thursday, January 22, 2009

Talent Show - Closing Act

Sorry guys, I just can't help myself...being so proud of the boys. This video clip is the Funk Uncle Band, members are Sawyer, on bass guitar, Alex, on drums, Bryan, the vocalist and Will (our son, wearing a red hat) as the lead guitarist. Their band did the closing act for their school's talent show as I've mentioned below.


GAGAY said...


good day! 1 of our co-bloggers is in need now of help for his family was diagnosed from dengue and needing blood transfusion urgently..visit

hope we can extend prayers and financial help for kuya angel..thank u!


ev said...

Wow this is great and really cool nance! alam mo bang minsan akong na-addict how to play a guitar, but then i only learned a little of it while my finger tips had grown callous,yaykkss!!kahiya!hehe!napagod ako sa kaka-practice kaya i stopped. Now i am just content listening to music with the accompaniment of a guitar.

you have a very cool family tree:)

Mari said...

Nance, they are good. Soon they'll have other gigs in and around your town...but first on to college before going serious on being rock stars. LOL Of course, you know that.

Nona said...

Understood my dear nance, kahit ako siguro ako, di magsasawang ipagmalaki sila. They're very good, ang galing! Goodluck to Funk uncle band, keep it up!
Mama nance is teary eyed on you (sa galak), I bet hehee.

Nance said...

Hi Gagay,
I feel bad for this family and I'll keep them in my prayers.
Thanks for visiting.

Nance said...

I played guitar when i was younger too but didn't follow through. I can still play a little now but not as good as my kids.

How true. You need something to fall on (college degree)when life gets tough! ;)

Nance said...

You're such a sweetheart! ;)
syempre tayong mga magulang ang numero unong fans ng mga anak di ba? kahit out of tune sila, ignore natin.

Thanks guys for all your nice and supportive comments!

ghee said...

Yes!!You must be proud Nance!!Theyre really good!Will looks like an expert!!For how long is he practicing?

Cool,cool!thanx for sharing :)

dodong flores said...

Hi, Ate Nance. They played well. They have a potential to be a globalwide rock star :D