Saturday, February 7, 2009

Golden Age Postcards

Don't quote me on this but below are I think what they call, "Picture Postcards". Pictures found their way to postcards which were common in the 1840's. All images can be enlarged by clicking.

...back photo of the postcards above. One is dated 1909 and the other, 1915.

Postcard of the coronation of King Edward VII in June of 1902. I'm not sure if the other picture postcard next to it is Queen Alexandra(his wife). If you look closely, the head and body of each are embossed... also glittered.

... back of the 2 postcards above with "1/2d stamp" on the top right corner and the "For inland postage only ..." and "The address only to ..." which were typical in those days. Also, the "Ducal" series produced a magnificent card of Queen Alexandra in deep bas-relief.

These two are probably called Picture or Portrait Postcards. One lady is wearing a silk hat (stuck and raised) and fake hair and the other decorated with embroidery. Oh, you have to click on these to appreciate the workmanship, love, love it!

... back photo of the postcards above. Well, well... looks like I paid $15 for the lady with an olive green hat? (hardly visible, on the bottom left corner) I bought it 24 years ago. I can make money on these! ;)

Holiday card (swan) and birthday card, both raised... also called Miscellany cards?

...back of the two cards above. They are not dated.

My favorites! Silk embroidered cards! Produced exclusively during the years of the First World War. They were vehicles to express the strong feelings of courage, hope, and strength in the most terrible war so far in the history of man.

... more silk cards. These colorful little cards carried messages of hope, pride and confidence that summarized what everyone wanted to shout, like, "We Shall Win", "Onward to Victory", etc.

... they also expressed emotions so deeply felt during those fearful years. Some of them were made like an envelope where the flaps raised to show a small card bearing a personal message.

The story goes that women supplemented their meager income by embroidering; it was convenient and could be done after a normal day's work.

Novelty cards? ... embossed, gilded, tinselled, etc, not so sure what type these cards are.

... back picture, Canada is dated 1913 (noted in front-above), the Rose card is dated 1907.

This is how I want to display them someday... framed. The postcards are just laying on top of the frame right now; just to give you an idea.

... same thing with this.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my collections specially those deltiologists out there.


Mari said...

Wow, Nance, what a collection! These are now treasures, worth a lot. What if you take them to the Antique Roadshow for appraisal? Just to know their value.

That one lady with the veil resembles Elizabeth Taylor.

REDLAN said...

Napawow ako sa mga postcard collection mo Nance. Ganda at tinatago mo pa. I like the lady with silky hat at saka yng may embroidery. Galing!

Monica said...

Thanks for sharing your "treasures" Nance!

Vicky said...

I agree with Mari, the first thing I thought when I saw the gal with the veil was, wow....Elizabeth Taylor. I wonder if that IS her. After all, she was married several times. :-)

nona said...

I do Nance!!!I enjoyed browsing and reading the description, what a collection. Pwede nang pagkaperahan lol!
You could put up your own museum with those collections, lamps, milk glass etc.
Thanks for sharing my dear. :)

Nance said...

That's what I think too, Mari...Elizabeth Taylor when she was much younger. What a beauty!

I have a feeling that you would enjoy looking at those embroidered ones since you do embroidery yourself. Your works are as good as these.

Nance said...

You are definitely welcome, Monica!

Hi Vicky,
I believe that is Elizabeth Taylor. Thanks for the visit!

Nance said...

Yeah, between hubby's and my collections, our house is packed! lol
Glad you enjoyed looking at them.

ev said...

They're like treasures long been buried,then you happened to have them nag create pa daw ako ng story?!hehe! nice nice collectibles..

i wonder kung uso paba ang hallmark card sa generation ngayon eh, madalas pag may okasyon, e-cards nalang natatanggap natin from friends and relatives ano?:)

hahayy, i miss the old times..mas may sentimental value.

Blue Rose said...

amazing collection nance. grabe! ang ganda. thanks for sharing.

ghee said...

from 1840??

grabeh...nalulula ako sa mga collection mo,Nance!i feel dizzy right now...hehe

but really,theyre all amazing!to think that they have been preserved and the beauty didnt vanish at all!

Happy Valentine`s day,Nance!I hope you have a good hearty day.


Photo Cache said...

Pretty cool. I am a postcard collector. WEll my collection is pretty much new and only the places I have been so far, which is just a handful.

Do you do postcrossing?

Photo Cache said...

here's the link:

i thought you joined this already, i was going to ask how it is as i am very interested in joining.

Dennis Villegas said...

I certainly enjoyed looking at these Nance! Wow you have quite a wonderful collection! These are expensive museum pieces, especially the pictures of the royals!